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Volunteer Statement

Our volunteer program takes in volunteers at the beginning of every school term. Applicants are interviewed,trained and attached to our various learning centers within Nairobi for a period of 3 months.
Volunteers work as teaching assistants with children aged 3-14 years,they contribute other skills that are useful to our organisation as well as participate in activities that work towards achieving our goals.
We believe in the holistic growth for both the organisation and its personnel. We ensure that you enjoy your time with us as well as give you a life changing experience.


Vitabu Vyetu needs your help to sustain its Reading Club Program that helps achieve its mission of improving the levels of literacy for children aged 3-13 from urban slums.

Ruled Exercise Books (32-48 Pages)

ECD (Early Childhood Development) Workbooks

Stationary (Pencils, Rubbers, Rulers, Sharpeners, Crayons)

Story Books

Water Colors

Puzzles and Board Games


Manila Paper


Permanent Markers

Glue Sticks


Wall Charts

Paper Punch

Printing Paper