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About Us

Vitabu Vyetu is a foundation that was founded in March of 2014. The organization symbolizes the importance of access to basic education especially during the early developmental stages of a child. The foundation’s main aim is to reduce the level of illiteracy in the country especially in the marginalized and slum regions.
We aim our efforts towards reaching out to the various marginalized schools in counties all over Kenya through the starting and equipping of community based libraries and giving priority to African story books as well as facilitating the education tools – writing books and stationery to enhance the reduction of illiteracy.


Improve the literacy levels for children aged 3-13 from urban slums through our tailor-made reading programs.


Equip community libraries with reading materials and resources.
Open affordable early childhood education centers in urban slums.
Advocate for the importance of libraries and library class especially in public schools.
Implement reading programs in public schools.


Community Engagement
Voluntary Service

How we improve the level of literacy for children aged 3-13 from the urban slums in Kenya?

Equip community libraries with reading materials To improve reading culture

Reading Clubs
To teach children basic literacy skills, reading, writing, comprehension.

Vitabu Vyetu
Impact Report


33 Libraries Equipped.

120 Students each Year.

Reading Club Program in 5 Centers.

28 Reading Club Assistants.